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What is DécorCinema?

DécorCinema lives in the sweet-spot between engineering technology and aesthetic creative expression to offer the perfect entertainment experience.
True home cinema artisans, the highly experienced DécorCinema team plan and execute the perfect combination of interior design, ease of use, performance and personalisation. Each cinema we create is unique to each home and each customer, drawing on our unique approach to human centric home cinema design.
DécorCinema ca
n only be purchased and experienced via our team of expert installers who are qualified and authorised to use the finest audio-visual ingredients to create a unique experience just for you. 

DécorCinema brands are hand-picked from our exclusive portfolio to ensure incredible standards of picture and sound are achieved.  These brands are only available from authorised DécorCinema installers in the UK ensuring every project we undertake maintains the high-standards we set ourselves and that our customers deserve and expect. 

Once the installation is complete, your system will be calibrated and accredited by one of the authorised installers chosen to represent DécorCinema. It is only then that your system can carry this unique label of quality and assurance of the ultimate home cinema experience. 


There is more detail and information available about the DécorCinema concept right here.


Beautiful, beguiling, bespoke



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