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Those with urban apartment style homes could be forgiven for thinking that they might not have the space or style of building suitable to the installation of a world-class home cinema.

Not a bit of it, this customer loves their stylish space which blends expertly co-ordinated furnishings, bespoke cabinetry, subtle and intelligent lighting with a fully integrated and powerful home cinema.

The customer enjoys the way the screen stays hidden behind some of their favourite artwork until called into action, revealing a high-performance cinema screen working in partnership with a cleverly integrated short throw projector hidden, along with the other technology driving the cinema, in the attractive bespoke built cabinetry in front of the screen.

The speakers delivering the audio are integrated into the ceiling and walls, the only speakers on show are the attractive subwoofers that stand either side of the screen. It is of course entirely up to you, but some of our customers love to see at least some of their speakers.

Often today’s speakers are works of art in their own right, or we can of course hide everything. Either way, at the end of a busy day of urban living, this customer gets to enjoy a space that is built around their tastes and desire for world-class entertainment.    

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