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This stunning room was created by our design team as the customer had a strong affinity with and desire for a Moroccan themed living space.


Everything in the room was bespoke created and the detail to be found in every aspect of the design is simply stunning.


The large seating areas are of particular note offering one of the major visual cues for the style of the room, but also of course being extremely comfortable and capable of accommodating the customer’s large family.


The customer also loves the lighting scheme for its aesthetic impact and ability to change the mood of the room in an instant.

The impressive qualities of this room do not end there however, this space hides not one, but two home cinema systems to suit different moods and viewing scenarios. A large screen TV on one wall, partners a large cinema screen and projector on the other, both remain completely hidden until needed.


Two sets of speakers are also woven into this attractive space and spring to life filling the room with high-quality audio to match the stunning visuals.

This room is proof positive that whatever your aesthetic ambition, our experts can deliver.

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