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Subtle, Powerful, Precise


This beautiful home cinema room uses some of the highest performing products we have in the DécorCinema family as this customer wanted to achieve the very highest levels of playback performance. Combined with a stunningly designed space that emphasises subtle tones and extreme comfort, the space can deliver a cinematic performance exceeding even the greatest of expectations, but also act as a cool chill out zone.


This customer wanted the very best performance after experiencing a demo at our company HQ, which boasts four different experiences created to help customers establish exactly what their requirements are guided by our expert team of designers. Often the size and shape of the spaces available to our customers are not 100% ideal for the inclusion of a high-performance home cinema system, however our experienced team can adapt and ensure you get the performance and the aesthetics you have been dreaming of.  

Particularly in this space specially created bespoke wall panels not only create the luxurious look and feel of the room, but they also focus and help control the audio taking the cinema to the exact performance levels the customer wanted. True integration means that each aspect of the system does not merely stand-alone, but works in concert with the whole space, a living, breathing system designed to precisely match your requirements.

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