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Many of our customers want to enjoy a high-performance home cinema system, and want it located in their favourite room in the house.


Today’s technology allows us to weave all of the technology needed into the very fabric of the room, but not that you would know it, the system stays completely hidden away, until it's movie time.


This is not limited to the darker hours however, any time is movie time, as the lighting and blinds systems will automatically adjust the light levels in the space to suit the mood. With the cutting-edge technology available to our experts, content can be enjoyed in high-ambient light levels so whether it’s the big match being enjoyed in the afternoon or the most atmospheric film noir late at night, the right atmosphere is easily and automatically created.

The aesthetics of the space remain uncompromised as the customer’s favourite artwork hangs in place, only rolling away to reveal the cinema screen when needed. Speakers that provide the sound are hidden in the beautifully decorated walls and ceilings, and all the other equipment needed is housed in bespoke cabinetry that also adds to the over all aesthetic ambition for the room.

Creating something truly bespoke only happens when a no compromise approach is taken, and our customer’s favourite spaces get the love and attention they deserve in every aspect. Where performance meets design, is where true home cinema begins.

Interior design by Jenny Allan Design

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