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This project called on many key DécorCinema services to create a fully integrated, high-performance home cinema in a beautiful extension to this period property.

Like many homeowners currently, this customer chose to extend their home rather than moving to a larger one, but the project had to be treated with the upmost care as the period status of the building had to be completely respected, protected and enhanced. 

The result is a space which matches the period style of the home, offering classic interiors and comfort, but the room also includes a completely integrated, high-performance home cinema system.

Woven into this attractive space, furnished to the highest standards, an array of cutting-edge audio-visual equipment stands ready to come to life and add a totally new dimension to the room as it transforms into a world-class home cinema.

Artwork rolls away to reveal the large cinema screen on the wall partnering a projector cleverly hidden in the roof space. Speakers are also hidden behind the screen and at key points around the room to deliver a completely immersive audio experience to match the stunning images.

Further integration of style and technology occurs as the beautiful lighting system and automated blinds work in concert with the cinema to ensure the right atmosphere and amount of light for any type of viewing occasion is achieved.

Even in the most challenging of circumstances, DécorCinema customers can have it all, a wonderfully stylish room created by our interior designers, expertly married to the very latest, integrated home cinema technology.

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