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Perfect for today’s open plan apartment living styles this beautiful room benefits from attractive furnishings and fittings, an intelligent lighting scheme that co-ordinates with stunning automated blinds, but the space holds a secret, a high-performance home cinema totally hidden from view!

This customer wanted to have the best of all worlds and enjoy a fantastic bespoke styled room created to reflect their taste and our designers worked their magic creating a wonderful room with timeless elegance and cutting-edge style. Beautiful to its bones, this space delivers luxury, comfort and relaxation for all those who enter.

What makes the space extra special is the world-class home cinema and smart home functions woven into the fabric of the room. The artwork on the far wall hides a cinema screen, a projector is cleverly hidden in the ceiling, high-performance speakers are also concealed in the walls and the ceiling.

Bespoke cabinetry hides all the equipment that drives the cinema and makes movie time happen.

When called into action with our simple to use control system, the lights automatically dim, the curtains adjust to close out any unwanted light and the home cinema system itself springs to life bringing a wonderful night at the movies right into the heart of this beautiful home.


Important to note, if you already have a space that you are happy with, we can weave a home cinema into any existing living space using the same techniques shown here.

Interior design by Jenny Allan Design

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