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This penthouse apartment home cinema system offers comfort, distinctive style and integrated AV power in equal measure.


Created from the ground up by our design team, the interior achieves a dramatic, but welcoming feel with hints of Art Deco and nods towards an age when cinemas were comfortable, sumptuous and spectacular. Picture palaces they were called and with good reason.

Opulence and luxury are the themes of this room and that of course does not end with the fantastic furnishings and sharp aesthetics, woven into the heart of this expansive and ambitious space is a jaw droppingly good home cinema system that takes this high-end space into a new dimension of excitement and entertainment.


Offering different options, this system is armed with a high-performance large screen TV, but when it is movie time, a much larger system comes into play and takes the viewing impact to Academy Award winning levels.


Of course, everything is co-ordinated so the beautiful automated curtains and stunning lighting system move to match the exact mood of those enjoying the system and what they are choosing the room to do. Totally controllable, sumptuous and sophisticated, this space has it all.

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